Sunday, September 9, 2012

T-Ball Game

 I love this timeless picture of him!! 
 Batter up!!!
 Rowdy is coaching! B loves it!
These guys are best friends!!!

We had Braydon's first Tball game this Saturday and all I can say was it was the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen!!!  Kids we hitting the ball and running to the pitchers mound...they were hysterical! It was just so sweet, innocent and fun!!! I can't wait to watch years and years of our boys playing baseball!!!  I think I will always remember his first game...I hope so! He may not be a baby anymore, but we are definitely making some of the best memories!!!

Frist day of School: 2012

 Braydon super ready for school!
 Brooks was excited too, but not about his collared shirt
Sweet Brothers: Braydon 4.8 Brooks 4.6

It was a hard year to go back to school this year. We just had so much fun this Summer. The boys made it super easy to get back in the groove and walked right in their classrooms with no tears. I am so missing my snuggles in the morning though. We now rush out the door and I always seem to be stuffing food in both the boys mouths while I am combing their just feels crazy.  I can't imagine having them at school at 7:50am. 

At school both boys did awesome! Brooks was in undies!!!!  He stayed dry and even took a lil nap. His best buddy Brody is in his class and they love to play makes it easy leaving him all day with his little friend.  He loves school and I am told is quite the chatty boy all day long ;)  Braydon had a great day too!  He is really starting to show "big kid" emotion and he acts like he can do everything with out my help.  He walked in and put his stuff away like he had done it a hundred times. He told me this new little school friend told him that Braydon was his friend and Braydon was elated to share this news!!! It's funny to see him grow what people think, get embarrassed, want to do it all on his own...I know normal stuff, but just tugs on my heart strings to see big bog all the time unless he gets hurt.  My baby is really growing up.  I am so proud of the boys adjusting so well to school and I love having them in a Christ-centered MDO where they pray, go to chapel, tithe, learn Bible stories. If I could keep them there until they were Seniors I might. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

End of Summer

This Summer has been so fun and I cannot believe it is almost over. It makes me sad that our lazy mornings with be rushed to get to preschool in less that two weeks. I just love easy days with Braydon and Brooks! They play better than ever and fight just as good. I now understand why my Mom used to say how much it bothered her when my sisters and I fought...but how happy she was when we all got along. So true, I am overcome with joy when I watch Braydon and Brooks play and treat each other sweet. I just sit back and thank God for the sweet boys He gave us and smile! <3 p="p">

About these boys lately, Braydon is 4 1/2 and still such a Mommy's boy. He started to tell me "Your the the most beautiful girl in the world." What a little charmer. Well, he picked up on how it would make me smile and he started to sound more like this..."Mama, your the most beautiful girl in the world" wait wait.... "Can I have a brownie?"  Silly boy! I just love spending time with him. He is such a good buddy during Brooks nap...we run errands, swim together, he is never far from my hip. I can't believe this is his last year of preschool.  I look at my sweet baby and I can't get over how big he is and while he loves to be by my side...he is a big boy who gets embarressed when people tell him he is cute. If I could just bottle both the boys up right now I would!

On to baby Brooks, Brooks is 2 1/2 and such a little turkey.  He is a chatter box and talks like crazy. He picks up on things quick!  He loves to snuggle in the morning and watch his shows. He is picky about his shows and likes to be in charge and tells me "no no not that show mama" literally twenty times...He is also a Mama's boy and loves loves his brother like crazy. He asks Braydon to wrestle him all the time. He is rough and tough and will probably take Braydon down in a few years. He acts like the big brother most days and it just cracks me up.  He potty trained in 3 days about 3 weeks ago. I was not ready to potty train but he was and the rest is history. He did awesome :)  I think he will night time potty train as well as Braydon bc most nights and naps he wakes up dry. This is just odd to have two kids potty train so easy but I will take it. Brooks is like a little light of life and energy in our family! He is my precious baby and I just love watching him grow. 

Here are some random pics from the Summer. We have had lots of fun, I am just a better Mommy when I am not trying to make my kids smile for a pic in the midst of our fun days...

 Gigi and B at the Circus!!!
 Snuggles before bedtime! Melt my heart!
 Shaving cream paint with Brooks!
 The Crew at the Circus
 Braydon asks to play baseball almost every night :)
 Rowdy put up a tent in Bs room for his first sleep over with Drew
 Our Family July 2012
 Poor Brooks was scared of the sparklers
 Braydon is obsessed with is cousin Hope. He wants a sister!!
Just a usual day with half dressed kids/husband wrestling. love them.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

 Braydon @ VBS
 Church Buddies
 Big Slides w Dad :)
Sidelines with Brooks!

We started June with VBS.  I was a teacher in 4's and it was such a precious week for me and the boys!  Nothing is sweeter than hearing Braydon tell me his Bible verses.  "Jesus is alive" and "God can do anything!"  are his two favorite.  Hawaiian Falls was rented out by the Church one night and we had so much fun we stayed until 945pm.  Braydon was so brave and rode every ride that 42' would allow. He loves thrills and Brooks loves to watch with Mommy!  I love these boys! If it werent 107 I wish it was Summer all year! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lately...5 month summary

It's been a long time since I last posted anything...So a lot has happened. Braydon and Brooks turned 4 and 2 and we moved into our new house and we took a great vacation to Atlantis in the Bahamas. Here are a few pictures to document the last few months.  

We absolutely LOVE our new house and we make daily use of the pool.  I can't imagine living in a house without a pool ever again. Life is just so easy and fun!!!  The boys love to swim.  Braydon is fish and just completed 2 weeks of swim lessons so he is very confident in the pool!  Brooks will start swim lessons soon, but for now he loves to jump in to us and splash around. Thankfully, he know his boundaries well. So it makes it easy to watch them. We are just so happy with our decision to buy this house and cant believe we contemplated going a different direction. Life at home is so fun with these boys! Since we live next door to Nana and Papa we have lots of little impromptu visits which is nice for me :)  And I think my Mom and Dad love it too. Braydon and Brooks have become such little buddies. Braydon will often tell me that Brooks is his best friend. love him. He is a sweet big brother and Brooks absolutely loves him back!

We feel so blessed to have a healthy family and are enjoying every bit of these magical years right now.   Life has been busy but so good and we are just thankful to look back on these last few months and remembered how blessed we are. 
 Sweet Braydon turned 4!!! McDonalds party...He LOVED it!
 Zoo on Brooks 2nd Bday!
 The boys loved feeding the giraffes
 Brooks 2nd bday party at Gymboree...Look at all the hair :)
 Braydon played on his first soccer team!
 Easter egg hunt at the old neighborhood
 Rough Riders games are the best time with my boys!
 Cute Braydon!
 Loves the new pool!
 And  Brooks loves babies!!! I mean really loves them...
 Dessert and bath time in the pool...we do this several times a week. 
 We bought a new house and I decided to try my first DIY wall stencil
 We took an awesome trip to the Bahamas/Atlantis
 Family Vacation 2012
 Dolphins with my big boy
 Love this picture of Rpwdy and Braydon
 And this one of baby Brooks and Daddy
 Mommy and Baby
 These boys are my favorite!
 The boys loved the slides
 I loves these smiles
 I was so glad to see my boys after they jets skied on the ocean..I worry too much!
Last night on our Family Vacation. It was a dream!!!!